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Become part of this exciting meeting by submitting an abstract. View a partial list of invited and submitted abstracts for the joint SETAC and SRA sessions. Some of these might be organized into somewhat longer presentations or panels for afternoon or morning plenaries. Presenters only are shown. More than 200 abstracts submitted thus far!

Abstracts can be submitted to the following sessions:

Other conference topics include:

  • Risk and resilience 
  • Water-related risks
  • Urban risks
  • Aquatic toxicology and ecology
  • Environmental and analytical chemistry
  • Risk perception
  • Genetically modified products and sustainability
  • Integrated environmental assessment and management
  • Remediation and restoration
  • Risk communication and social issues
  • Terrestrial and wildlife toxicology and ecology
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Investment risk mitigation and resilience in energy systems infrastructure
  • FrackMap: Building a geo-spatially based nexus of research publications and perceptions related to hydrofracturing
  • Preparedness for natural hazards on coastal communities
  • Risk of harmful algal blooms to humans and aquatic biota
  • Risks of cellulose nanomaterials
  • Establishing safety of nanomaterials for food-related use
  • Identifying geographic regions and groups at high risk for disease outbreaks
  • Citizen science approach as a way to improve malaria risk perception
  • Radiation risk in breast cancer imaging
  • Wastewater epidemiology as a rapid tool for understanding community drug use patterns
  • Risk communication of climate change

Abstract submission guidelines:

  • Abstract must not promote a commercial product, process or service
  • Abstract should be clear and well written
  • Authors should comply with instructions and deadlines provided with the call for abstracts
  • The abstract should contain information and data that demonstrate high quality science
  • Information in the abstract should not have been previously published or presented
  • By submitting an abstract, you are agreeing to and understand that all presenters must pay for registration and attend the meeting
  • The abstract should be limited to 2,000 characters (approximately 300 words) including spaces and special characters
  • The Scientific Committee will select accepted abstracts by early 2019